Travelling to a unique place? Sure you won’t forget to take that selfie! Well, in many places you cant take that picture which will make your friends/ family turn a shade of pea green. More so if you are going to Berguen, a small picture-perfect Swiss town near St Moritz. This Swiss town has imposed a ban on not just selfies, but photographs too. A click on your smartphone or DSLR and you will pay a fine of 5 Swiss Francs.
The man behind the move is town council president Peter Nicolay who felt that tourists by uploading those postcard perfect pictures of the town were fostering feelings of jealousy, anxiety and depression due to FOMO ( Fear Of Missing Out) by putting out spectacular pictures from the town. In a video message, he said: “We have discovered that pictures of our beautiful village are being shared on social media which is making other people unhappy because they cannot be here. That’s why we have officially forbidden photography here, because we want everyone to be happy.”
But they are not the first, others have banned selfies before this, but could this trigger off a domino effect? It very well could. But here’s a list of touristy places were selfies are banned.