Testimonials – Women Love Us

“Yes, I have learnt something unique from this trip and that is “the art of stillness” in various activities — sitting at the bonfire under the star-studded sky, the long desert safari, coming across trees like the kejri (looking like a tree on fire), Neelgai sitting in harmony with the wilderness, black bucks flirting, flocks of crane basking in the sun. Thank you Soul Purpose for giving me this opportunity to make Nature my best friend.”
Samima De, Classical Musician
My experience on the Soul Purpose Urban Gypsy tour was fantastic from start to finish. Mimi and Vidya were excellent hosts, and I am so thankful that I found Soul Purpose.
The tour was well organized, and I felt safe travelling in a group of women, who are now my new friends
Andreanna Humphrey, I-T Engineer
Thanks to Soul Purpose Travel, the adventure travel for women, I could realize my dream. I could attend the Hornbill Festival held at heritage village, Kisama, in December from 1 to 10. It showcased Nagaland in all its splendour.
J Bhagyalakshmi, Journalist
This was an eight-day vacation like no other for my little girl Anushka and me. From start to finish – worry free, thoughtfully planned, the professionalism of the guide, enthusiasm of the porters, the class of the chef – were outstanding! This being my 4th trip with Soul Purpose is in itself a testimony to how wonderful it’s been to be with them….need I say more!!”
Anjali Nayar, Pediatrician